Golf Swing Instruction – How Important Are Fundamentals?

Below is some really good information on alignment and other fundamentals that will help you hit longer, more consistent shots and shoot lower scores very quickly.

You can also scroll sown the page to read an in-depth article specifically on alignment.

fix golf slice

When I sat down and began to brainstorm about writing this article, I tried to think of a couple of sticking points that a majority of all the folks I know who play this crazy game had struggled with over the years in order that I might use these common threads as the inspiration for this article and hopefully help you shoot lower numbers more consistently. After considerable thought and consideration, I came up with three problematic areas that virtually everyone I’ve ever know who plays golf has struggled with at one time or another.

The three areas are grip, alignment, and posture. I’m going to talk a bit about alignment today and try to impress upon you why alignment is so important. I’ll address grip and posture in subsequent articles. The reason I’m starting with alignment is because I played on Saturday with 3 guys who have the athletic ability and talent to shoot in the 70’s. Each of them failed to break 90 and the biggest reason why was, you guessed it, improper, inconsistent alignment.

If you happen to be a slicer, then alignment is a huge issue in your game whether you are aware of it or not and sometimes fixing your slice or hook is as easy as fixing your alignment.

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